Why choose us

Track your progress towards setting up your VRSP online.

From the first step to the last, you can track your progress here. We’ll also send email reminders to help you understand important tasks and deadlines as you establish a VRSP for your employees.

A chart that shows two steps completed out of fiveA graph that shows your VRSP setup is 40% complete

Engaging and informative resources

Exceptional plan member experience is key to a successful group retirement plan. Our award-winning smartPATH retirement education program provides some of the best planning and education tools in the industry.

Smartpathnow.com has games, videos and calculators that are useful for everyone, no matter where they are on their path to retirement.

Contact us to find out how you and your employees can benefit from partnering with us.

Why choose us

For us, only one thing matters – the success of your workplace retirement savings plan.

The high levels of satisfaction reported on our surveys prove we have the expertise you need to provide a more comfortable retirement for your employees:

  • With more than $48.6 billion1 under administration, we represent a significant presence in the Canadian group retirement savings and pension industry.
  • We administer over 24,000 group capital accumulation plans in Canada and 1.3 million plan member accounts.1
  • We serve more plan sponsors than anyone else in Canada2 and provide services to over 6,000 companies with five to 99 members in Canada.1
  • Each plan sponsor gets a dedicated customer service specialist in Quebec who provides personalized service for plan sponsors and a seamless experience for new plan members.

1 As at December 2015
2 2015 CAP suppliers directory, Benefits Canada, December 2015

The VRSP is administered by London Life Insurance Company and marketed by The Great-West Life Assurance Company. London Life is a subsidiary of Great-West Life. London Life and design are trademarks of London Life Insurance Company. Great-West Life and the key design are trademarks of The Great-West Life Assurance Company, used under licence by London Life.

Employer services

A London Life VRSP is a simple, worry-free retirement savings solution that benefits you. Our VRSP lets you focus on your business while we focus on you by taking care of the day-to-day administration.

Our dedicated team will set up and maintain a successful VRSP for you. We’ll be there to:

  • Assist with the application and setup process
  • Help you introduce the plan to your employees or when you hire a new team member
  • Establish and maintain comprehensive records about VRSP membership to ensure the plan stays compliant with applicable guidelines and legislation
  • Send annual statements and tax receipts to all your employees
  • Help employees who leave your company transition their savings

Learn more in our VRSP brochure.

Helpful resources enable you to:

Stay informed

Find useful tools and information on our website, GRS Access

Sign up today for a London Life VRSP.

Employee experience

We’re committed to communicating with your employees so they understand their VRSP. Your employees will benefit from:

  • Award-winning investment and retirement education through our website GRS Access
  • 24-7 access to their plan information
  • Helpful client service representatives to answer their questions
  • Annual statements that tell them if they’re on the right track to their retirement goals – and if they’re not, tips on how to get there

VRSPs help with retirement savings

Traditional savings programs, such as the Quebec Pension Plan and personal savings, may not provide enough for retirement. That’s why workplace savings are so important.

If your employees contribute a small percentage of their pay:

  • They’ll see their retirement savings grow over the long term
  • It will be invested in a larger pool of funds, resulting in lower fees than if they invested on their own
  • Their payroll deduction becomes an easy, disciplined way to save for retirement

Employees can continue to contribute to the plan if they leave their employer or they can transfer to their new employer’s VRSP.

Your employees also get resources that will help them:

Understand the value of the group plan and how to get started

Access useful tools, information and resources (video)

Plan for retirement (video)

Learn how much they’ll need to save for retirement

Access our YouTube channel


Contact us to discuss how your employees can benefit from these and other tools.

Benefits to your employees:

  1. Affordable – Low investment management fees due to the group buying power of a plan with a large pool of assets
  2. Simplicity – Saving is easy with:
    • Automatic enrolment
    • Default investment option
  3. Flexible – Members can:
    • Choose their contribution rate
    • Choose their investment option
    • Opt out of the plan
  4. Portable – Employees can continue contributing to the plan even if they change employers, or they can transfer to their new employer’s VRSP.

Investment program

London Life’s VRSP investment lineup has been pre-determined – you don’t need to do anything.

The investment selection is simple for your employees and is designed to meet their retirement savings needs with clearly defined, understandable investment choices. It has been created with the needs of VRSP plan members in mind.

We regularly review our investment options to make sure they’re living up to our high standards.

You and your employees can get timely and detailed information on each fund through our website, GRS Access, anytime, anywhere. Here’s a sample of our fund report and what you and your employees can expect to see once they have joined the plan.

Your employees decide how much their contributions will be and then choose the appropriate investment options listed below to match their savings goal. If employees don’t choose their contribution rate and investment options, default options will apply.

It’s simple for employees to choose their options. Employees select either Solution 1 or Solution 2.

Solution 1: Harmonized target date funds

These funds are ideal for employees who don’t have the time or desire to choose and manage their investments. Employees simply select the year they want to retire and they get the target date fund that most closely matches that year.

Solution 2: Harmonized asset class funds

These funds are ideal for employees who want a more hands-on approach to investing. They can complete the Investment personality questionnaire to help them select the funds that best match their investment goals and risk tolerance.

If employees wish, they can even choose a combination of Solution 1 and 2.

Guaranteed investment accounts (GIAs)

Guaranteed investment accounts are also available for employees to include as part of their investment portfolio.

Contact us if you’d like to find out more about how the VRSP investment lineup can help your employees reach their retirement and savings goals.

* Guaranteed investment accounts (GIAs) are underwritten by the London Life Insurance Company, a member of Assuris. Assuris is a not-for-profit corporation funded by the life insurance industry that protects Canadian policyholders against loss of benefits due to the financial failure of a member company. Details about the extent of Assuris’s protection are available at www.assuris.ca or in its brochure, which can be obtained from info@assuris.ca or by calling 1-866-878-1225.

The VRSP is administered by London Life Insurance Company and marketed by The Great-West Life Assurance Company. London Life is a subsidiary of Great-West Life. London Life and design are trademarks of London Life Insurance Company. Great-West Life and the key design are trademarks of The Great-West Life Assurance Company, used under licence by London Life.